Costa Smeralda

Stella Maris

Domenico Cherchi via regina elena 54
07026 OT Olbia
GPS co-ordinates: 40.9235764,9.4964429

phone no.: +39 3498101325
WEB address:


Company's specialisation

Exploring the isles of Sardinia by boat is the best way to fully appreciate the beauty of them. The coast here, known also as Costa Smeralda belongs to one of the most characteristic and visually stunning views in the world. Stella Marris is a company that specialises in boat trips to a variety of destinations in that area. Their fleet is made of modern yachts with luxurious interiors, able to house a couple of people and a captain. With the help of these experienced tour guides, the visitors will be able to see the most beautiful beaches Sardinia has to offer or explore dozens of tiny islands.

Unforgettable journeys

The boat trips organised by Stella Marris are carefully planned to include a number of interesting destinations. The captain and the crew always do everything in their power to make the attendees feel welcome and show them the most interesting places – both island and in the sea. Their assistance is greatly appreciated mostly due to the fact that they give a lovely insight into whatever that is being currently admired. Choosing their boat trips means choosing dependable and technologically advanced yachts and unforgettable journeys.

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